Prayer for Harmony Among Coworkers

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Last Friday, I had a negative experience at work with a coworker calling me untrustworthy and attacking my character. It was upsetting as the other person on our team appeared to side with this individual and did not want to deal with the fallout. The silent coworker was a close friend and it hurt me to think this person would believe I was capable of harming her professionally.

This caused immense stress in my life as the person who was ugly to me made me feel uncomfortable at work and the other person who was a friend seemed to want to do nothing with me. Today, however things appear to have lightened, though the dynamics are not the same. I sense much of the anger has dissipated.  I truly had no intention to get anyone in trouble (for the record no one was officially warned, reprimanded, written up or faced any consequence) it was simply a request to avoid problems, which ironically created problems.

I think of all the people out there who have attempted to improve their work life only to have it backfire on them, because people are choosing not to listen.

My hope is that the blessing is requested and you are able to be free and work without negativity as everyone deserves to work in a peaceful environment.

As for me? I want eyes to be opened. I want to be heard. And mostly, I want to remove the pain and hold my head up high, even if the other two women decide to have nothing to do with me.

St. Joseph,
Saint of Workers,
Hear me,
Open my heart,
ears, and mind.
Give me the strength
to lead others,
towards Heaven.
Give the me the courage
to lead my coworkers 
towards harmony.
Give me the guidance 
necessary to tear out 
the rotten fruit
and bear witness to the truth,
so we may all experience 
success in the Glory of His name.
May God bless my request
with your intercession, 
so peace may return once more.
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