Goals & Updates – 1st Edition

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Thank you so much for coming by. There is so much I need to finish tinkering with, related to the blog and personal things I need to accomplish, so let’s hash it out right here so you know what is going on in my world.

Goals for the Blog

Yes, there are aspects I still need to finish and a bit of fine tuning. I believe a deadline of September 15 should be reasonable, but we’ll see when we come across this feature again.

Finish/Update Social Media Sites

I have to udpate the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. The big one is twitter and Facebook, due to the fact they are my personal accounts. I don’t mind personally, but to be fair many would unfollow me during the soccer season as I tend to tweet about scores, players, and countries/cities, which I irrationally hate during the soccer season, only to love them again, once it is over.

Facebook is becoming a problem as it won’t let me do certain features, which is forcing me to take the time to understand what is going wrong. Once I figure that out I will surely scream to the Heavens as a functioning Facebook page¬†would be lovely to see.

Join Mail Chimp or Equivalent to Add to Blog

I understand the power of subscribers, but setting up the blog and simply understanding how the landing page and certain plugins worked took a lot of my time. Once I get that working, then you should be able to see an opt in form on the blog and hopefully next to posts.

Write More Posts!

I have a prayer, which only exists in my mind, that I haven’t worked on that I wanted to share. There are a lot of issues creeping up related to women, and there is a certain book I need to finish. Hint, it’s not the Wonder Woman book I am currently reading. I am gladly taking my time with that as I have to finish another book, which is bothering me greatly. I am excited to share that book review when the time comes.

Update the About Page

It’s boring. I could make it more personal. I want to snazz it up a bit and make it a worthy part of this website.

Integrate Side Widgets

I mostly don’t want to create unnecessary bloat on the blog, so I am having a hard time figuring out what I want next to the main posts, aside from an opt in box. I don’t feel as if though it needs to be anything overly complicated. I would prefer to keep it simple if possible.

Keeping an Eye Out for Miscellaneous Corrections

For instance, I noticed via the preview that the Heading 1 font is smaller than the Heading 2. Simply silly things like that, which need to be addressed.

Lastly, personal life…

I have to make sure I still get in things like exercise, workshops, repairs to my car, dates, responsibilities for members of my family, a whole host of things, which I can easily neglect, when I’m wrapped up with this project. I don’t have a time frame for my personal life goals, but there are a few applications I need to work on right away. Hopefully sooner, rather than later.

So, what goals are you working on? And how long did it take you to set up your blog the way you wanted?

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