Sins. We all commit them, be they big or small. Some of us are amazing at avoiding temptation, but if you’re like me, you sin hard and you’re not proud of it. This isn’t a place to glorify sin or even a sermon telling you to shape up already. We both know what we need to do, but like working out it takes dedication.

Actually, sinning is exactly like getting fat. You want to lose the weight (or sin) so badly, but you just don’t know how to do it. Or maybe you lost 15 pounds and regained it. Sin can sometimes feel the same way too. You were so good for so long, and then you fell again.

What gives?

You’re human. This is a personal answer only you can answer, I promise. Talk to a priest, a loved one, converse with God. Ask, “What’s up with that?” Maybe He’ll laugh. Maybe he’ll think of a way to explain to you what to do to get better. I promise though, he does have an answer. You just have to listen.

Below are a list of prayers I wrote related to sin. Please use them. Grow with me, so we can all get to Heaven.

Prayer to Ward Temptation of Repeated Sin