Quite frankly, I love to write. If I have a God-given talent, I would like to think writing tends to be one as there are dozens of poems, novels, and little stories I have stored away somewhere or hid from the public as I can easily go from praising my own work to being embarrassed by it on a whim. I tried writing novels and I still have a few extraordinary ideas floating in my mind, which have not yet been executed.


There was a little voice…

Being a writer I want my work to be exceptional, if not beautiful. As I journeyed on my little Catholic adventure I kept having this strange nagging feeling to create prayers. I have no idea where it came from. I even went as far as to ask my boyfriend if such a thing was appropriate. He, being the wise and silly Catholic male that he is mentioned a Saint and then told me, “Why not you?”

So what kinda prayers do you write?

I tend to write prayers, which are either personal to me or for someone in need. I don’t necessarily say, “Hey, bestie, wrote a prayer for you,” but I do find inspiration. As these prayers are inspired from personal situations, I’m not an on-demand kinda prayer writer. I understand true writers, write be they inspired or not, but I attempt to have God or a Saint lend me a helping hand. I want the prayers to be inspired work for the greater good, and they feel most authentic when the inspiration stems from my own personal life.

Why do you write them?

I write them as it is fulfilling. The decision to share them was made, so that you could develop your relationship with God, no matter what the modern world throws at you.

Does Prayer Work?

Prayer always works as it is simply communication with god. This isn’t a random spell store to make your wishes come true.  If they work, it is due to God’s will. If the prayer was not answered, from experience it’s because God has something greater planned. It’s that simple.

I definitely need a better prayer life. If this tiny bit of internet space can help you in that area, that’s amazing and I feel blessed to be part of your journey.

Now go pray a little bit. God is waiting.