Sleep Prayer

Posted July 9, 2020 by Graceful Serendipity in Prayers for You / 0 Comments

Originally, I wrote this sleep prayer for a friend who asked we pray for her as she had been unable to sleep the past few days. After praying, I was able to write a few prayers, but never managed to post it online.

Lo and behold, after going past day 3 of a sleepless night, I realized this was God’s way of nudging me to share what I created.

As an aside, it’s important to note lack of sleep is also an indicator of stress and certain medical conditions list sleeplessness as a symptom. My hope is this prayer allows you to rest more peacefully. Should you find sleep is still difficult, make sure you speak with your doctor or licensed professional counselor, to help you determine the root cause, so you may be able to rest again.

Sleep Prayer
Heavenly Father, 
As I lay down,
Remind me to unwind,
Stretch comfortably,
Close my eyes and relax. 
Let me dream of Heavenly joy-
Allow my soul to be closer to you,
So I can awaken refreshed.
Guide me towards peaceful slumber,
Far from the worries of today.
And once I awaken, may I be
And ready to serve You another day.
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