There is no thing, person, or object in the past few years that has brought upon me more stress and joy than my job. Maybe you want a career and are stuck at a job. Perhaps you love your job, but wish for better relationships with those you interact with. Having negativity towards your workplace or feeling burnt out by your job is one of the worst feelings in the world. Worse, what if you’re in a job that requires utmost confidentiality and you have no one to truly talk too, when you need to vent frustrations?

Thankfully, you have God. He’ll listen. Heck, he even wants to make your life better.

Trust me, that’s something I need to remind myself from time to time.

Below are career related prayers. Use them. Pray. And hopefully you’ll find the peace you seek.


Prayer for Harmony Among Coworkers

Prayer to Stay Employed When Termination Looms