So Who Are You?

I am a school counselor and educator. A lover of cats, art, coloring, and reading. A woman devoted to Christ, though at times she fails miserably. I care about people, which is why teaching and counseling were natural fits for me. I am currently working on obtaining a LPC Intern license. I hope I get to update this soon.

The Grad School Years

I first started this blog, right around the time I began graduate school. A cursory look and you’ll notice I barely posted. Graduate school and teaching full time took a toll on me. And fun fact, I was also planning a wedding during that time. I still cringe at how hectic my schedule was.

This blog became the pet project which haunted me at night. There were so many ideas, but barely anything could fit. Not only that, I felt I placed myself in a corner by focusing solely on Catholicism. However, there were so many other ideas I wanted to share.  Changing my blog’s niche worried me as I had not been able to give it a fair shot. Yet, as much as God called me to write, I wasn’t a woman who pondered God all day and night. I struggled with my career and prayer life. Somehow, I wanted to reflect the complexities of my life with this blog. My life was both serious and joyous. So, why couldn’t my blog do the same?

Facebook Page

There you’ll find news links to various Catholic and mental health needs. You may find yourself agreeing with the news commentary I share, relieved to have found good advice, or discover the information gave you something to ponder about for the rest of the day.

Counseling & Me

I earned my CSC license through the University of St. Thomas and am working towards my LPC currently. Counseling, mental health, and bettering ourselves has become a passion of mine. I want to see the good in everyone and use this knowledge along with my faith to help people in need.

Extra Information About Me

I am married to the love of my life here in Texas. Between soccer, basketball, church, friends, and this blog, I stay plenty busy. I have a love of creativity, am interested in planners, and enjoy soothing hobbies like coloring, when I have the time. My family, friends, and cats mean the world to me.

So come on, follow me on Facebook and Instagram. I would love to connect with you.