All About Me

Quick version: I spent many years trying to find my purpose and myself. By no means perfect- as we’re all sinners, I became a winner, because of my faith in God. I strive to be a saint even when it is hard. I am grateful for all the blessings God has given me. It took a while…too long in fact, to get to where I am today. I’m a happily married wife in the Great State of Texas. I love kitties, reading, writing, and helping others.

Professional Me

I work as a school counselor and a private counselor on the side. I have a strong belief in mental health and faith. I believe everyone should recieve a quality education be it in the private, public, or home school setting. Public schooling is where I am at, because that’s where my heart belongs at the moment. In the end, I want what’s best for children.

Catholic Me

Faith is what lead me here. I do believe in good works, helping others, and building the church in your own little way. I’m not a Rad Trad girl, however as of late, popular Traditional Catholics both offline and online have heavily inspired me. I still attend Novus Ordo masses, yet I am the girl wearing a veil. I prefer taking communion on the tongue. If I had to use a label, maybe I’m trad lite? However, in the end, I’m a modern devout Catholic woman.

Fun Me

I love all sorts of things from wrestling to kitties to X-Men and fancy things like upscale dining and adventures. My tastes keep evolving, so I may want to change that sentence in a few years. I’m proud of my heritage as the culture and traditions passed to me, shaped who I am today. I’m a proud Latina, American and Catholic. They all make me who I am today.

Things such as K Dramas, power rangers, pokemon, and entertainment that is innocent or beautifully illustrates a moralistic theme catches my eye. I’m also into ridiculous action movies and love silly movies like Fast and the Furious.

Cats will always keep my attention, but a good episode on HGTV can keep me invested. I lost my love of reading and am trying to rediscover it. I haven’t read many books in a while and was in a trashy romance rut. Definitely want to find more fulfilling literature.

What Do I Hope You Get In This Blog

Originally I wanted this to be a solely Catholic blog with a moralistic lens. I was creating prayers and thought hell…that’s the ticket to what God wants from me!

It wasn’t…

I’m not perfect. Remember the sinner part from earlier? Plus, I felt some posts emenated a “Pick Me” kinda vibe.

Eventually with a combination of terrible life events and ridiculous internalized pressure about being the perfect Catholic blogger ever, I stopped writing. As a last resort I focused on book blogging and then…nothing.

Graceful Serendipity today is about finding your authentic Catholic self. It’s about embracing the journey you are on. I feel I can help more people if I’m truly honest about myself. I watch Power Rangers for goodness sakes! I make mistakes, but I do my best to learn from them, to grow, and become a better woman and person.

While many inspire me, I feel there needs to be a space for the Catholic Modern Woman in the US, while using common sense traditional values. I think God wants us to be united and not have a TLM versus NO fight for all time. Both have aspects that should be appreciated, beyond the criticism you may have heard.

I’m Catholic. I’m quirky. I want you to come home.

Let’s be friends and enjoy this journey on our path to salvation.