How the Blog Changed

Time and life journeys seem to take you on a winding road. Originally, I thought this blog would become about me evangelizing the world…then I started grad school and lost all my free time. Writing with authority about the Catholic faith troubled me. What if I accidentally misguided  readers? What if my prayers lacked beauty and authenticity?

However, as I struggled to write and update the blog I discovered that along with prayers, I enjoyed helping people. There was so much information to share about my Pinterest/Instagram self care series. The posts though simple, seemed to be needed in the vast world of social media.

Now, you’ll find me not simply sharing my faith, but wanting to help you. This is a blog about managing the daily stress and our lives and finding respite.

Facebook Page

There you’ll find news links to various Catholic and mental health needs. You may find yourself agreeing with the news commentary I share, relieved to have found good advice, or the information gave you something to ponder about for the rest of the day.

Counseling & Me

I earned my CSC license through the University of St. Thomas and am working towards my LPC currently. Counseling, mental health, and bettering ourselves has become a passion of mine. I want to see the good in everyone and use this knowledge along with my faith to help people in need.

Extra Information About Me

I am married to the love of my life here in Texas. Between grad school, soccer, basketball, church, friends, and this blog, I stay plenty busy. I have a love of creativity, am interested in planners, and enjoy soothing hobbies like coloring, when I have the time. My family, friends, and cats mean the world to me.

So come on, follow me on Facebook and Instagram @gracefulseren. I would love to be friends.