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Posted July 21, 2016 by Graceful Serendipity in Giving, Soap Box Moment / 0 Comments

On May 22, my then boyfriend, now fiancee did the most amazing thing for me. He donated upwards to $700 in my name to a charity organization called Kiva. The next day I went donated an additional $75 dollars on my own to various individuals.

Now this may seem silly to you, but him giving money and allowing me to use his money to give to worthy ventures was a romantic gesuture on a profound level. This opportunity gave me the ability to help the world. Therefore, the gift he gave me meant more as it impacted those who most needed it. We gave. For a day we were superheroes. I loved the feelings so much, I used my very strict budget and came up with ways to give the additional $75, even if it slightly hurt, because I felt good about it.

All About Kiva

What is Kiva, you ask? It’s a loan system where you help people in various parts of the world bring themselves up from poverty with little loans of $25 dollars or more. You even have the option of giving the money away completely if you so desire. I love this loan process, because I’m able to choose who to help, what amount, and unlike other chairity organizations where it becomes unclear how the money is being used, you know exactly who your money is going too and for what purpose. Anytime I get a payment of $1.25 or whatever the small amount is, I’m excited, because I know even if the loan defaults, I can easily put in the remaining $75 and help someone else out. If the money is paid back in full, the same $75 can continue to help people.

I want you to join Kiva if your heart feels compelled by clicking on the link below:

You’ll join my team and we can raise money to help everyone. Take a look at who we’ve helped and I hope you feel called to join us. Maybe you can’t be a big money donor, but if you know you have $25 to spare or whatever the small amount, know you too can make the same impact as those big megamillion dollar chairity industries.

And to my fiancee, thank you for letting me feel that I too can make a difference.




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