Pinterest & Instagram for Mental Health & Faith Building – Part 1

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Our prayer life and mental health tend to be two topics most people ignore or simply don’t know how to address. There is so much information out there, so how do we use this to our advantage? Easy, use Instagram and Pinterest to help navigate your pressing concerns. Over the next three posts, we’ll discuss the basics and how to best use these apps to help improve our lives.

Part 1

While many of us gladly proclaim our expertise using Pinterest and Instagram, many people still shy away from these social media platforms. Whether the reason stems from a preference using Facebook or encountering baffling options- this post is for you.


Pinterest Basics

Pinterest is more than just a collection of photos to help inspire your dream wedding or crafting miracles that would make Martha Stewart jealous. This is the first step you should take when researching new interests. Quick caveat- we’re not speaking about graduate level caliber research. Instead, Pinterest delivers meaningful information in easy to digest infographics linked to articles over topics that matter to you.

Whether it’s controlling your high blood pressure or marriage advice, there are a variety of pins and boards to help you on your search.

Some Basic Info & How I Use It

Each picture itself is called a “Pin.” You pin each of these photos to a category you create called a “board.” Fairly easy, so how do I maximize Pinterest? Within each board, the best thing to do is create sections. Unless you are creating a board meant to be a repository for hundreds of followers, personal boards are most helpful with no more than 10-15 sections. It helps prevent chaos and disorganization.

My “Fashion Goals” board is at a comfortable 10 sections and will probably only grow to 12, once I transfer my Fantasy Fashion and #OscarWorthy Gala Fashion boards to “Fashion Goals.” I have all types of clothing inspiration for dates, beachwear, even church! Adding countless sections, unless it’s an intentional starting point for fellow Pinterest users, becomes chaotic and cluttered, which many Pinterest users bemoan when pinning away mindlessly for hours.

Warning: Pinterest is Addictive & Knows You

When you start pinning, create an end goal. Otherwise you’ll lose hours pinning everything from zucchini recipes to sexy beachwear to wedding dresses that double as amazing gala gowns. I’ve fallen victim to it, and have house remodeling boards, which currently serve no one other than the stockholders of Pinterest.

If you cannot find many pins on a topic, look at the suggestions below a pin. Though, remember to keep a fine tuned goal in mind. Pins about weed removal to help save your garden are easily forgotten if you pinned hundreds of landscaping pins. Don’t let the Pinterest Bug bite you.

Another downfall? Maybe?

Pinterest ads, unlike anything else I’ve found online are some of the best. Searching for comfortable teaching shoes lead me to a current brand I adore, that I wouldn’t have discovered without Pinterest. The ads target you in ways not even Facebook can replicate. Ironically, people fear the ads of Facebook without realizing how accurate Pinterest ads have become.

Watch out For Scammers

Although many pins have links attached to legitimate websites, some are unscrupulous or may lead you to false information. If something raises a red flag, follow your instinct. And always avoid opening any links you do not trust.

What about Instagram?

It’s fairly simple and straight to the point. You post pictures and videos you wish to share with your friends.  The story feature allows you to create a mini montage of your day. By continuously adding pictures and videos to your “Story” everyone gets a glimpse into your life. Like Snapchat, the stories disappear after 24 hours, but people can screenshot photos or videos.

Much Easier to Use

Instagram is a friendlier version of Facebook and Snapchat, with the ability to save and categorize posts, should you desire. The “Stories” feature allows you to create tiny snippets of your life throughout the day in real time. It currently does not have the stickers and filters that Snapchat does, but I imagine that will change over time. Instagram is also interesting as you can use it solely as a social media alternative to Facebook and Twitter. Conversely, you can opt to follow users of interest bringing you information that best serves you.

I personally keep Instagram due to the users I follow as  opposed to any content I create.

Is there a Favorite?

While I’m partial to Pinterest, Instagram connects me to users. Learning more about the Catholic community online and the positivity they bring brightens my world. Looking at pretty clothes and gorgeous estates tempts my eyes, yet it lacks connectivity. I will admit, Pinterest is a great time killer.

Next Steps…

You now know how I use Instagram and Pinterest. Next, I’ll go into detail as to how I use it to improve my mental health and spiritual life.

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