Legacy – A Prayer to Honor Fathers

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On this particular Father’s Day, I wanted to honor my father-in-law and those special men out there who are no longer with us. As a father, my father-in-law exemplified the best traits any man would desire should he become a dad. I watched as he guided his children and became surprised by how he so easily accepted me into the fold. He helped me when I needed it and became the supportive male figure later in my life, which I never had. Like any man, he had his flaws, but I choose to remember the good.

My life lacked that all important father figure growing up, as mine chose to be absent. However, I was blessed to have shared in his affection and be given the feeling that I too could have been his daughter.

In honor of Father’s Day I created this poem and prayer for you.

Legacy – A Poem


Now that the branch is broken,

It no longer bears the fruit of what once was-

Leaving behind only

Fallen leaves as mementos

And its fallen fruit.

Let us not chop down the tree,

But prune it judiciously,

Remove the poison,

So it may never lose another branch again.

I will care for this tree,

Bring it back to life

With faith, hope, and constant attention.

The bark will grow stronger

Its leaves brighter,

Fruit sweeter,

Until all that remains

Is a lush flowering tree,

Healthy branches at the joint,

Unhealthy limbs scattered by the winds

And a legacy remembered

For having survived and become stronger,

Long after the branch snapped away.

-Liza Knight Mendonça


The following is a prayer to be said for those fathers of ours that have passed away.

A Prayer for Fathers, Father-In-Laws, and Those Men Who Become Dads

It needn’t matter if you were blood,

Bonded through marriage,

Or the man who rose to the occasion.

You loved me,

Our family,

And taught us what is was

To forgive,

To love,

To laugh,

Even when the seasons grew dark.

So, I ask in the name of Jesus,

That you continue to pray for our family,

And intercede on our behalf

With words of honey,

And thoughts of gold.

Pray that our family grows stronger, wiser, resilient.

Pray that God hears our private intentions,

Shapes us into

The faithful Christians we were meant to be.

I ask God to hold your spirit close and cradle

Those who most long for your presence,

And may the Holy Spirit, and God almighty, reassure us,

That we will meet once again.

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,







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