Little Bird

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August 22, 2015

Although this is Respect Life month, I wanted to flashback back to that date in particular, because something extraordinary happened on a very small scale, so much so I made a note of it on my blog. As I was driving I noticed two birds and one of them crashed to the ground on the road behind me.

Birds tend to act frantic on the road and dive in and out, their sporadic actions being a nuisance to drivers. I could not tell you what happened to this tiny bird, only that he crashed to the ground, flopping and slowly he stopped moving. The other friend dove down next to him, tweeting at the tiny life begging it to get back up despite the traffic around him and as the bird flapped his wings one last time it became still.

The little bird risking life and safety stood by the side of its friend and once he was certain the tiny bird passed and nothing more could be done, the survivor mourned for the loss of life. Then, only then, did the little bird fly back up to avoid traffic and save itself. For months this scene had become glued to my memory.

If such fragile animals understood the value of life and this bird in particular respected it enough to be their with dying friend until the bitter end no matter how inconvenient, why as humans can we not extend the same compassion to the unborn? Surely there can be “inconveniences,” but this bird taught me, all lives are worthy of respect and dignity.

If a tiny bird is willing to risk his own life for the dignity and life of another, couldn’t we do the same?

I pray and hope that we do.

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