People Don’t Know What Hero Means Anymore

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I came across this link, because I’m a Lily Allen fan on facebook.

Hero Woman Refuse to Be Shamed After Her Public Threesome Goes Viral

We really need to take the word Hero back. Not everything you do, can be considered heroic. It seems the only thing the writer and I can agree on is that it’s wrong to only shame the woman in the video. They were all disgusting for thinking their physical desires gave them the right to essentially create a public porno. All three of them decided to have sex in a public space. They all exhibited classless behavior and the woman allowed herself to be treated like a prostitute for concert tickets. They’re all a joke.

In the video where she defends herself, she still behaves in a classless manner.


Why should she behave with any dignity or think about how such a thing continues to sexualize women? Why should she worry about the fact that young teen girls are beginning to believe that trading nude pictures online is safe and normal? Why should she worry that these same teen girls later become upset and commit suicide once there photos are released? Why does she think inserting a cucumber in her mouth in her YouTube video, in a sexualized manner and grabbing her breasts in some shape or form makes her more interesting, cute, funny?

It’s because our society celebrates such behavior.

Instead of warning our girls to love themselves enough never to take nude pictures of themselves for essentially, stupid young teen boys, they’re told if they fight back they’re brave. No one is telling young girls or even the young woman in this video that simply because Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton became famous and lusted after once their sex videos became public their value did not increase. They are not better, simply because society deems them as cool and rewards them with money as a result. Your self worth is priceless and this isn’t being taught to our young women.

Young women need to know what true feminism is and this post at Vice isn’t it.

True feminism respects women and sees them as more than sexual objects. True feminism would have stated that all three of those jokers were disgusting and it continues to disrespect women and see them as nothing more than sexual objects with huge breasts that you can showcase for the pleasure of a man. True feminists would have stated that they were all in the wrong and she did herself no favors by continuing the narrative that her sexual appetite should be exploited for the masses in order so you can feel better about the poor choices you make.

She is not a hero.

A true hero performs a selfless act in the service of others without wishing to gain any benefit from said action.

I’m disgusted, but mostly I feel sad for teen girls, young women, and even men. There’s no sense of right and wrong. No thinking as to how such depravity affects others. There are young women and teens who think this is the new normal.

I promise you ladies, this isn’t.

This isn’t slut shaming.

This is about respecting yourself, loving yourself, and knowing you are worthy of dignity and respect. Anyone who dare calls you anything less for not participating in such behavior or condemning such antics is not worthy of you.

And never let anyone fool you into thinking otherwise.

-Our Lady of Guadalupe…please pray for all the young vulnerable women out there.

I’ll be praying for them too.

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