Goals for 2016

Posted January 16, 2016 by Graceful Serendipity in Updates / 0 Comments

Once 2015 ended, I noticed one of my many regrets was being unable to focus on the blog, which led to the main regret of 2015, which was my time management. I happen to always be busy, but pockets of time where I could do a lot seem to disappear quickly from me.  I never truly know what happened and why.

Thus my main goal for 2016 happens to be improve my time management. I hope to report later in the year, how that is going, but so far I’ve seen little improvements. It is not where I need to be, but I feel more productive.

As for my blog goals they are succinct, but purposeful.

  • Write a total of 12 posts, not including any I may have written earlier in 2016.
  • Finish reading the angel book, Wonder Woman, and write posts about them.
  • Write a total of two book review related blog  posts, not including Wonder Woman.
  • Determine if Twitter will be used as a means to connect with people. I am more time efficient with Pinterest and the Facebook page.

I feel if I can do the above the blog will be that much more successful to me. I am ready to begin again and share this wonderful journey with you. If I can accomplish the above, I may be able to work on improving posting frequency, but for now this is a first step.

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