Relationship with God Prayer

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One of the curious things about God is our relationship to him. There are many thoughts on this, including Matt Walsh’s salty take on the idea that our relationship with God is verbiage used to avoid accepting the sins we are unabashedly proud of, no matter the consequences. While, he does speak briefly on the relationship each one of us has with God it doesn’t focus on it enough.

It is after all, Matt Walsh, who deserves a blog post of his own.

Yet, I think it’s important we all realize we do have a relationship with God and no matter where you are in the faith, you can and should take the time to get to know him.

This beautiful relationship is unique in that we can take and take without giving much at times. We can run away from Him or become the closest of allies. We can be acquaintenaces or build a deep bond that would rival any loving relationship on this earth.

Now if you are blessed to have a deep connection with Jesus, this post isn’t for you.

I want to speak to you- the person who is just beginning to discover the awe and wonder a relationship with Jesus brings you.


Naturally, I wrote this prayer to help me. However, if this brings you closer to God it would be a great blessing. I’m hoping if we do this together, perhaps we can share our thoughts and see where this leads us. If we begin to learn more about Him and save time to devote our attention to him this relationship can be quite fulfilling.

It’s a short fill in the blank, but I believe if you give yourself a few minutes of silence this can be the beginning of your relationship. Allow this prayer to help center you, when you feel disconnected from Him. Think of this as a way for our focus to be on God and learn more about him during our private moments.

God Focus

God I imagine you to be ____________________.
So help me focus as I picture you as ____________.
I shall envision  _________________ to symbolize you.
And imagine us to be ______________________.

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