Just Breathe

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In the hustle of this new century, there is little time to do much of anything. Little time to be with friends. Little to no time to take care of one’s own needs. Little time to even breathe, much less pray.

Trutfully, how does such a thing happen?

Are we merely running in circles, or is there merit to this confusion and overwhelming sensation? Must we all feel stripped of the ability to take a second to simply sit down and enjoy the small moments in life? When was the last time you read a good book? Had a good laugh? Took care of your house? Gave thanks to God for all that you had?

Whether it’s selfishness, the inequities of the modern era, or a little of both, we all must slow down to simply be.

So what of it?

A confession

I’ve had to breathe.

At times the stress of responsibility crashed down upon me and I felt as if though I were crawling into a dark place, far away from the light, love, and appreciation shown to me. In those moments of high anxiety, as I’m crashing down- drowning, thinking of my numerous failures, my fiancee dragged me out.

Finally, I am partially conscious of what is going on around me.

So then, what did I do?

I struggle. This fight continues. Tonight I decided between exercising and investing in this blog, which meant more to me. Those costly decisions, no matter how difficult or taxing make all the difference.

Secondly, this struggle between frenzied motion or peace leaves room for decisions. It becomes difficult to decide you will be at peace and slow down. Perhaps a loved one around you does not the despair you feel or how the anxiety continues even when at rest.


Pray. Even if it’s one word. Whisper or scream a sentence, a paragraph. Sink into a few words strung haphazardly together, whether they are harmonious or cause your skin to curl in horror. Read a Psalm. A sentence from the bible. Imagine pictures and simply hold on to the image if a picture is all you can share with God.


Most important, never forget to be grateful. Gratitude, a key component differentiates between the bitter and the happier anonymous lives you hear about.

Time the never ending enemy may allude us, but we need not be a slave to it.

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